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What can Ultrasound use for in pregancy?

When can I first see my baby via ultrasound pregnancy scan?
You’ll be able to see your little one about 6 weeks after conception.

When do I know if I’m having a boy or a girl?
The sex of the baby is often determined at the 20 week ultrasound, during detailed scan.

So, what is an ultrasound pregnancy scan?
An ultrasound pregnancy scan or exam uses high-frequency sound waves to visualise woman's abdomen and pelvic cavity. Ultrasounds are often used when diagnosing abdominal or pelvic pain abnormalities. If a patient has pain, bruising, swelling, abdominal distension and/or abdominal rigidity, the doctor might use an ultrasound to find out why. On the other hand, it can create a picture of the baby and placenta (so that’s why you see pregnant women showing pictures of the baby.)  

What are the advantages of an ultrasound scan?
• Real-time visualization of the baby or organs.
• It’s non-invasive, meaning it is performed over the skin and it doesnot harm the baby or mother during the process, and its painless.
• Doesn’t have radiation, which has been associated with toxic effects on the embryo.
• Interactive, sonographer can capture different viewing planes by moving the probe during the ultrasound scan.

When can I get an ultrasound?
Ultrasound exams can be performed at any point during pregnancy, and it is part of routine follow during the pregnancy follow up. Most O&G specialist will do ultrasound scan to assess the growth of the baby during their visit, growth scan.

The first test usually occurs in the 1st 6 to 8 week of pregnancy to confirm the pregnancy and it’s location in the mother’s pelvic, pregnancy confirmation scan, it is also part of a biophysical profile (a prenatal ultrasound evaluation). Be sure to ask whether you need a full bladder for the test. Sound waves travel better through a liquid, so a full bladder can enhance the image quality of the scan. This is not needed when the pregnancy is more advanced.

27 May 2022