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About Us


It all began in 2019 due to multiple misinterpreted ultrasound scans done that raised the concerns of a founding member. This ultimately led to discussions to form a company of well-trained sonographers, who hold PgDmu (ASIA) and Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (ADMU), to perform quality scans. Established in 2022, Sonocare today comprised of members of well-trained, certified professional clinical sonographers, who are able to deliver quality ultrasound services such as pregnancy scan and abdomen scan. With the aim of improving the quality of ultrasound services offered in the nation, Sonocare will achieve this aim through various co-operation with competent clinics and ultrasound centres.
Why Choose Us
Professional Sonographers

> Highly trained and certified sonographers with medical doctor backgrounds.
> Our sonographers certification is accredited by MQA, ADMU, and ASUM (Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine) and can consistently perform high quality and accurate scans. They are of international standard.
> Our sonographers work closely with all doctors and specialists in the medical field to ensure the highest quality of multidisciplinary approach to your health issue.
> Referral to the doctor is fast as our report is well recognized across the medical field.
Always best prices

> We have comprehensive health packages with regular promotions.
> Comfortably affordable prices.
> Always best price for outstanding quality.
> We provide the best price in the market with  uncompromising quality
One-stop centre

> We don’t just scan, we solve your problems too.
> We have a vast network of medical services and professional healthcare providers including specialists, doctors, and traditional Chinese medicine physicians.
> Awareness, early detection prevention, and complete treatment: We can find your medical-related issues and help you to become healthier.

> We are everywhere
> We have a vast network and co-operations with hospitals, medical centers, and chain clinics, GPs to provide with all kinds of treatment options for you.
> We are doorsteps away.
Education, connection and support to guide your professional development and career journey; a multidisciplinary approach to ultrasound and patient care.
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