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Kidney Cancer

The kidneys/ renal are a pair of bean-shaped organs on either side of spine that help to balance the body fluids and electrolytes (essential minerals).
Our findings today through a kidney scan in a young patient with persistent blood in urine is tumor on the right kidney. The tumor size is about 15cm, even exceed the normal size of kidney!
The diagnosis of this patient is renal cell carcinoma; most common kidney cancer in adult men. The exact cause of this disease is not known, however, history of smoking does increase the risk. It is also common in persons with kidney disorder.
Some patient with RCC do not have symptoms and that’s why routine screening is recommended.
Signs and symptoms include:
passing of blood in urine (hematuria)
flank pain
bulging mass
high blood pressure
anemia (not enough red blood cells)
Imaging studies such as CT and Ultrasound scan is helpful in detecting RCC. Blood and urine testing may also be helpful.
Is is very important to diagnose the disorder in the early stages so that prompt treatment can begin
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05 Nov 2022