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What is NT scan?

NT scan is usually done during the first trimester scan by measuring the amount of fluid behind baby’s neck. A small amount of fluid is normal (normal less than 2mm) and measuring the amount of fluid can help calculate your baby’s chance of having chromosomal or genetic variant.
  • normal amount of fluid means your baby’s chances of a congenital condition are lower
  • an increased amount of fluid means theres’s a higher chance that a congenital or genetic condition is present.

Our findings today in our center in a 12weeks pregnancy is the abnormal thickening of NT. Close monitoring the amount of fluid combining with the blood test is advised to improve the accuracy of the screening.


NT screenings only show the risk if your baby having a condition. To diagnose a chromose abnormality, diagnostic testing should be done.


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Credit: Clinical sonographer @yonghuabin @atikakazizul

22 Nov 2022