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Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is one of the tools that is used to reveal breast abnormalities such as
  • a lump in breast
  • a tender or painful area in breast
  • a change in the texture or appearance of nipple/ breast skin
  • unusual discharge from nipple
Sometimes, a breast ultrasound may be used instead of a mammogram for some certain conditions.
Our today findings in our centre is the suspicious-look breast lesion which under BIRAD SCORE is classified as malignant lesion. To learn if this tumor is cancerous, a biopsy procedure is performed to remove a sample of breast tissue for lab analysis.
Typically, an ultrasound study is helpful as it is noninvasive and typically painless. Early detection lead to better treatment and saves lives
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Credit: Clinical Sonographer @ikazizul

13 Jan 2023